La natura ci destinò per medicina di tutti i mali la morte.
- Giacomo Leopardi -
Ma tu l’hai mai vista una persona innamorata piangere per amore? Non versa solo le lacrime, versa se stessa.

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e che cazzo.

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il mio amore.

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That’s when I realized it isn’t good-bye because it feels wonderful.
It’s good-bye because it feels so final, like maybe it’s for good.
- #thecarriediaries #kidd #bradshaw

-I don’t wanna talk to you because I don’t think that you wanna hear what I have to say
-You’re wrong. Whatever you have to say I deserve it.
-Yes, you do
-Ok, so just say it
-Fine. You broke me, you broke my heart, and I hate you because I still love you, and I hate myself even more for it. ¿You’re happy?
- The Carrie Diaries - Express Yourself (via santiago-romo)


I want a relationship like in the film. 
When the most cool and beautiful of the school fall in love with the most asocial nerd of the school.


that would’ve been awkward. but that’s a different story…”